It’s officially August, which means back-to-school season is upon us! And is there any more iconic photo than the first day of school picture? Taking pictures inside your home can be tricky, but also beautiful and sweet reminders of your current season of life. If you have kiddos at home who are returning to school, take note of these tips from our Luxe team photographer, Abby Graves, when capturing those first-day smiles inside!

  1. Turn off the lights and find a window!

No matter how beautiful your light fixtures and lamps are, your house (and lighting!) will always photograph better in natural light. Turn off all the lights in your home and get as close to a window as possible. Open all curtains, raise the shades, and even open doors if you need to, to let that natural light flood in. (And hopefully you have a sunny, bright day to work with!

2. Simplify the area – less is more!

Lots of knick-knacks can make a space appear cluttered and can be especially distracting in photos. Clear your spaces, leaving only a few of your favorite accessories. This will allow your subject (in this case, your kiddos) to really shine!

3. Choose a beautiful piece of furniture as your backdrop.

When it comes to interior photography, furniture matters. Select one of your favorite pieces of furniture to serve as your backdrop – a bed, chair, or sofa works great, but you might also consider an ottoman or stool (which can easily be moved to an area with great lighting). Placing your subjects on a beautiful rug or the floor in front of a console also works great!

Bonus Tip: When editing interior photos, a simple formula is to increase exposure and decrease highlights. This will keep your photos bright while making sure your ‘whites’ don’t fade into the background.

We’d love to see your Luxe pieces in your back-to-school photos! Use the hashtag: #LivingWithLuxe to be featured on our social channels. Wishing everyone a happy back-to-school season!