5 Tips for Adding Plants to Your Home Decor

5 Tips for Adding Plants to Your Home Decor

At Luxe Furniture & Design, we are all about adding life to your spaces — and houseplants are a great way to do just that! If your space is lacking a little something, but you’re not sure where to start, we can help. We’ve consulted with Luxe designer Rachael Jelley for her tips on incorporating plants into your home decor, even if you don’t naturally have a green thumb!

Start with low-light plants

If you are new to houseplants, start with something that is low-maintenance and doesn’t require a lot of light, like a snake plant or the ZZ plant. Both of these plants are rich in green color, and their height offers an element of vertical interest.

Designed by Kimberley Blackwell

Use side tables or plant stands for elevation

The way in which you style the plant is as important as the plant itself. To appropriately showcase your houseplants, consider elevating them by setting them on a small side table or using a plant stand.

Designed by Michelle Harrison

For table arrangements, consider moss

A bowl of moss can go a long way in adding greenery to a dining or kitchen table. The look is minimalistic, but the texture adds visual interest to the space. Rachael also appreciates the low height of a bowl, as it isn’t visually obstructive when you’re enjoying a meal around the table with family or friends.

Don’t shy away from (beautiful) faux arrangements

If your thumb isn’t green, but you still want to incorporate plants in your home, consider faux. Luxe Furniture & Design has several beautiful faux arrangements that look so real, they’ll fool even the greenest of thumbs. Consider implementing a faux orchid, as they add height and beauty without the maintenance of a real one.

Designed by Robin Splawn

If your home allows for it, consider a shower plant

One of the latest trends in houseplants is the oh-so-eclectic shower plant. And it’s exactly what it sounds like — a plant that goes in the shower! Typically, shower plants are hung from the ceiling, but really only work if your shower is large enough to allow for it. This design risk is also only recommended if your home already has a variety of houseplants. It can otherwise feel a bit random.

If we can help you with faux arrangements, planters, or tables to showcase your houseplants, stop in and see us!

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