5 Tips for “Summer-fying” your Home

5 Tips for “Summer-fying” your Home

As the seasons change, many homeowners get the itch to switch up their home decor — and summer is no exception! When it comes to home design, the warm months of summer are all about clean, cool, and fresh elements. Here are 5 tips for adding a bit of summer to your space.

  1. Simplify your decor

The first step in “summer-fying” a space is to simplify. In other words, display only the decor you really love, and save the bulkier items for the cooler months. Summer is also a great time to declutter your home. You’ll be surprised how well your decorative items are showcased when the area is fresh and cleared of clutter.

  1. Incorporate neutrals and cool tones

The warmer months also encourage cooler colors. Think: blues and greens against a neutral base. This offers a clean, crisp look that practically screams “summer!”

  1. Switch out your bed linens

As the temperatures rise, it’s a good time to switch out your bed linens. A lighter-weight, linen comforter or duvet works well in the summer months. And sheets that are lightweight and breathable will ensure you get a good night of rest even when the temperatures are climbing.

  1. Add citrus fragrances

Fragrance is a simple way to make any space feel seasonal. Incorporating citrus fragrances will help your home feel more summery. If citrus is not your fragrance of choice, consider clean scents. Luxe offers a variety of quality candles in a range of fragrances.

  1. Incorporate plants and fresh flowers

Adding a few plants (both indoors and outdoors) will immediately transform your space. We also have a blog post on tips for creating your own floral arrangements, if you’re thinking about adding some fresh-cut flowers to your space!

If we can help you pick out any seasonal items to spruce up your space for the summer, stop in and see us! We’d love to help.

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