How to Decorate Your Home for Fall

How to Decorate Your Home for Fall

Lattes are changing from vanilla to pumpkin, leaves are beginning to turn vibrant colors and fall is officially here. This crisp and cool weather means it is time to layer up – in your home!

How to Transition from Summer to Fall

Time to pack up those beach prints and lightweight fabrics for fun fall prints, various shades of color and textures. One easy place to start making your home fall ready is by swapping out throw pillows.

What to Look For in a Fall Accent Pillow

When selecting fall colors, think shades of orange, red, brown, gold and purple. Here is an example of a pillow that showcases several fall themed colors in a really fun print.

Fall Pillow Print




This is a pillow that would match several different sofa shades and definitely adds a touch of whimsy to any home.

Sometimes more simple prints can add the most to your space.

Fall Pillow simple


This pillow is less busy, yet adds metallic shades to help catch the eye of your houseguests.

This Fall, Try Decorating with Prints!

Don’t be afraid to cozy up to funky prints this season. This is one of our favorite seasonal throw pillows. It has a dynamic print and a vibrant color scheme that can get anyone in the mood for a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Fall Pillow

Pillows can say so much, especially this time of year! Pillows with words are a perfect way to bring any season into a home. This particular pillow has a great knitted texture, perfect for cooler temperatures and adds a nice Thanksgiving flare to any piece of furniture.

Thankful Pillow

Fur Accents are the Perfect Fall Accessory

Speaking of texture, it’s time to snuggle up to fur accents. Fur accents are the perfect way to give your home that fall/winter-ready look.

Fur Pillow


Fur pillows can even be layered with patterned pillows to really get into the season. If that is too much, consider tossing a fur throw blanket over your sofa. This accent is perfect for creating your favorite reading spot for those chilly nights, sitting by the fire.

fur throws


Choosing the Right Florals for Fall

After your sofa is ready for the season, it is time to move on to other accents. Stash your summer florals in the closet and add new centerpieces and small table arrangements. Who said that fall florals had to be mums? This year mum is not the word.

Instead, mix it up with this beautiful orchid and orange budding branch. Both of these pieces feature vibrant fall colors without being too traditional.

fall orchid


Fall floral

Another way to add in more color to your home is this small orange and yellow dahlia and mum floral. Although this piece is more traditional, it still has a modern flair.

Fall Vase

Infusing Your Fall Décor with Pumpkins

Although everyone loves seasonal flowers, don’t forget the pumpkins! It’s easy to decorate with piles of pumpkins in bowls, trays, and even on tabletops. In fact, you may already have pieces in your home that can be made seasonal just by adding a few pumpkins. Here is an example of everyday items that have been given an elegant fall look thanks to a few carefully chosen pumpkins.

How to decorate with pumpkins

If you want to get craftier, carve miniature pumpkins into votives for the perfect romantic tabletop.

pumpkin votives

Try creating nontraditional centerpiece ideas with pumpkins that are sure to set your fall décor apart from others. For example, create Pomanders with oranges studded with dried whole cloves in a decorative bowl. Not only will this make your home smell amazing, but it will add a festive pop of color.

orange and clove

No matter your style, there are lots of ways to get your home ready for the fall season. For more help on creating fall looks in your home, stop by Luxe and talk with any of our interior designers. Remember, we offer complimentary design services!

Happy fall, friends!

Audrey Lackner,
Luxe Interior Designer


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