Thanks to the internet, opportunities to work from home have increased tremendously. If you are provided this luxury, every room in your home should be comfortable and well-decorated, including your office. Your office plays a pivotal role in your productivity, energy, and inspiration. Below are tips you should consider when designing your office.


To boost your mood and avoid straining your eyes, go for good quality lighting. While natural lighting offers many benefits, it is not always feasible. Your lighting should light the room and your workspace. The lighting you choose doesn’t have to be dull or dreary. Add some ambiance with deep hues or unique designs.


Make sure your space is free from distractions, has a door, and is away from the noise and high traffic areas.  Your furniture should be strategically placed so that it is easy for you and potential clients to navigate through. Be creative with your storage to avoid clutter.


An office shouldn’t equate to stress. Clutter causes confusion, stress, low energy, and low productivity. If you aren’t entirely digital, develop a filing system to manage relevant documents. Keep all tools and equipment in space that is hidden but accessible.


Work shouldn’t eliminate support. A comfortable chair is a necessity in all home offices. Spending most of your day on a computer can lead to back, shoulder, and neck complications. A good office chair provides comfort and a neutrally balanced posture.

Never shun a cozy office. Couches can be used to welcome and relax clients. They can also be used for reading or if you get bored with working in the same spot for several hours a day. Plus, you deserve a break or three a day.


Surround yourself with decorations that bring you joy, inspire, and motivate you. Choose colors that brighten your mood and increase productivity. Decorate your walls with pictures of family, posters, a chalkboard for jotting ideas or doodling, or an inspirational quote. Don’t forget a cozy rug and greenery to assist with clean air.

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