Everyone is familiar with the saying “home is where the heart is”, and it is this sentiment that drives the vibrant industry of home design.  Our homes are our source of rejuvenation, a sacred space we carve out of the world for ourselves and our families.  These dwellings reflect us and how we live, inspiring an industry with unleashed creative potential.

Today’s home design encompasses interior decorating, home staging, and home décor retail stores. Many options exist for customers who want to update their spaces.  For some, purchasing new living room furniture or finding stylish accessories is all it takes to give a room that needed face lift.  For others who have more extensive work in mind, a professional is needed.

Interior designers provide a wide range of services including revitalizing the style and décor of existing homes.  Professionals use their expertise to assist their clients in creating the space of their dreams, encompassing a wide range of projects.  Even something as simple as a consultation with a designer on furniture layout or updating window treatments can totally transform a living space.

Working with clients on finding and creating new home décor is perhaps the most widely known aspect of being an interior designer.  The profession even became more main stream with television programs and entire television networks devoted to home design.  Images of cutting-edge styles and original design ideas were broadcast into the living rooms of millions of viewers, causing the home décor industry to explode.

While the design industry enjoys new found fame, the housing market is experiencing it’s own boom.   For decades, designers have been an integral part of new home construction and design and now they are finding a new niche in the market as home stagers.  Home staging is a branch of this industry that is specifically geared towards the real-estate market.

Realtors are experts in the details that sell houses at top market price, and many agree that having a de-cluttered, updated space provides a potential buyer with the feeling that the home has been upkept and well-maintained.  Interior designers are using their creative techniques to reimagine homes for prospective buyers.  Let’s face it, not everyone has their own style, and a house full of personal items can hide it’s potential for future owners.

Interior designers are merging their expertise with innovative business concepts.  Many home décor and furniture stores have professional designers on their floors to aid customers in product selections and interior design planning.  Innovative business that incorporate retail home décor products, interior design planning, and home staging services can now be found under one roof.  These “one stop” shops are the frontrunners of the ever-expanding design industry offering customers a tailored and personalized experience.

Homes are our most valuable investment and the need to design and create personalized space will always push the home décor industry forward.   Creativity and innovation are open ended in this exciting market.