The Journey to Finding Your Style

The Journey to Finding Your Style

When embarking on a new, exciting interior design project, designers often ask their clients to describe their style and the look they hope to achieve. Often times, the majority of people have a difficult time doing this. It is easier for clients to simply list out their likes and dislikes, and work from there. If you fall into this category and aren’t quite sure how to define your design style, no worries! An interior designer who is listening to you and your opinions will be able to pull it together seamlessly. As an interior designer at Luxe, my goal is to get to know our clients and help them to understand what their particular style is, so that together we can bring that vision to life. The truth is, there is no universal style that dominates the design world and matches everyone’s preferences. What makes design so exciting is that it is always changing and evolving. Here is a helpful guide to some of the new style trends we are currently seeing and working on for our clients:

A client says: “I like a more modern style that’s really comfortable, but still want some glam elements. I want something classy but still want it to feel inviting and fun.” This style can be defined as “Casual Chic.”

Casual ChicA client says: “I really love the look of reclaimed wood, natural textures, and neutral colors, but I also like clean lines. I want the room to be really cozy but polished at the same time.” This style can be called “Rustic Refined.”

A client says: “We are empty nesters now, so I really want something pretty and upscale. I don’t think I’m really traditional, but I’m not modern either. I’m looking for something in between but definitely beautiful.” This style can be classified as “Transitional Elegance.”

Transitional Elegance

Are you curious to have your style or vision defined by a Luxe designer? Give us a call at 918-459-8950 or visit the showroom at 99th and Riverside. We would love to help you!

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