Luxe Shares Norwalk Furniture’s Commitment to Creating Healthier Homes

Luxe Shares Norwalk Furniture’s Commitment to Creating Healthier Homes

Tulsa, OK – Luxe Furniture and Design was concerned about increasing levels of potentially harmful chemicals in homes and the environment, Luxe was excited to learn that Norwalk Furniture, an upholstery manufacturer in Norwalk, Ohio, is already producing products without unnecessary chemicals.

A study published last year by Duke University and the University of California-Berkeley in Environmental Science & Technology found that 85 percent of tested products, including furniture, contain chemical flame retardants, which are toxic or lack adequate testing. The study links these chemicals to hormone disruption, neurological and reproductive issues, and cancer in animals and humans.

“At Norwalk, we take great pride in each product we manufacture, so homeowners can have great design and healthier homes. That’s why we are at the forefront in offering upholstered furniture that is free of toxic chemicals,” says Mike Kenney, president of Norwalk Furniture. “Our products are made in the USA with a focus on using American suppliers and local artisans so consumers can be confident about their Norwalk purchase.”

Norwalk’s use of low-VOC emission foams comes six months prior to the new flammability test required in the state of California under the new law TB 117-2013. The requirement takes effect January 1, 2015. Norwalk’s uniform law label states that the product meets the new TB117-2013 flammability standards, which consumers are being instructed to look for.

“There is credible evidence that flame retardants might result in harm to public health and the environment. Luxe is very proud to sell Norwalk and share their commitment to healthier homes,” Brittany Stokes, Luxe Marketing Manager, said.

What you can do now?

Researchers believe the chemicals are carried in dust. Consumers are advised to take the following actions with the upholstery in homes.

• Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter or dust frequently with a damp cloth.

• Wash your hands before eating, and especially be certain to wash the hands of children.

• Discard exposed, ripped or misshapen foam in your furniture.

• Replace discarded foam with foam certified to be free of flame retardant chemicals.

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