Downsizing to a smaller living space can be an incredibly liberating experience. Not only are smaller quarters often much cozier, they can also help you get rid of any clutter that had been previously overwhelming you. However, while scaling down definitely give you a fresh start on a minimalist lifestyle, there are a few unique challenges that you may face when trying to make the most out of your square footage. These three tips can help you achieve design bliss when moving into a more petite domicile.

Play with Light

Both natural and artificial light can make a smaller space look brighter and cheerier. To help prevent your room from looking dark and gloomy, decorate with lighting. Lampshades and sconces can be both artistic and help disperse light throughout the room. Mirrors can also help bounce any existing light around the room, helping it to look larger than it is. If your new home has large windows, let them be a focal point in your home. Don’t block them off with heavy opaque curtains, but instead, coax the light in with gauzy, chiffon curtains. That way, you can prevent your room from looking boxed-in and claustrophobic.

Think Functional

When you’re living in a smaller space, you don’t have much use for useless items that hog your precious surface area. You can maximize your room by reaching for furniture that isn’t just nice to look at, but ones that can also perform double duty as functional pieces. Quirky bookshelves and storage ottomans can help you put your belongings away and keep you from tripping over them. Hint: make the most out of vertical space when you can. Think tall curio cabinets instead of wide and squat armoires. By requiring your furniture to multi-task, you can help avoid anything that can make the room feel stuffy and small.

Employ Bold Elements

Just because your living space is small doesn’t automatically mean that it has to be boring or spartan. Place a few fun and playful items – whether it’s a colorful print on your sofa, or an eye-catching statement art piece – throughout the room. Not only can they add liveliness to your room, they’ll make you feel happy every time you glance at them. If large statement pieces don’t fill you with joy, you can also experiment with color. While white can make a room look bigger, it can also feel cold and uninviting, so refrain from using it in too extensively.

Starting over with a blank slate can give you an awesome opportunity to express yourself creatively. If you’ve recently relocated to a smaller environment and need a little assistance in making it your own, we’d love to help you decorate your new home. To learn more about our design services, or to set up a free consultation, please contact us today!