The Best for Your Property

The Best for Your Property

In the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, Luxe Furniture & Design offers choosy customers the ability to get high-end luxury furniture and custom upholstery at reasonable prices. Talk to us about a plan to revamp a living space or add functional furniture and accessories to a home or business area. We love dealing with customers and helping them to figure out how to add value and curb appeal and beautify a space!

Custom Upholstery

In our online showroom, and at our South Memorial Drive location, you can see numerous designs with different material options. Our custom upholstery styles are offered in the form of chairs, sofas, gliders sectionals and other configurations. We have invested quite a bit in offering a high-end custom upholstery process so that our customers can “think outside the box” and get more than just the standard menu options. Why box yourself in? We can create furniture that conforms to your vision.

A Wide Range of Products

At Luxe Furniture & Design, we also offer a range of decorative table designs in various wood and metal builds. Our attractive tables blend functionality with inspired design, and provide an unobtrusive way to add functionality to a room.

For the bedroom, we offer luxury bed frames and attractive bedroom sets. Browse our selections on the web site to see the philosophy that inspires our bedroom designs.

Another of our excellent product lines is our unique collection of lighting fixtures. Choose from luxury chandeliers, modernist lantern designs, hanging pendants or clean postmodern lamp designs to illuminate a room. We even provide wall decorations and more. It’s all part of our mandate to serve the overall needs of our customers.

Design Services

Luxe Furniture & Design also offers design and planning services. Our designers have years of experience and a passion for helping customers to layout interior spaces. Meet our team online to look at their past education and experience with luxury furnishings and design services. Each one of us is an expert in his or her own ways – and we delight in giving you the assistance you need to really have confidence that you’re making the right decisions!

Here’s another way that we provide design services. When realtors, sellers or others want to dress up a home for better resale, we can come in and use the same products, styles, philosophy and technique that we use in the showroom to make a property look like a top-class space. From our gallery you can see some of our results at work!

Ask Luxe Furniture & Design about everything that we can offer to make your home or business look good. As a locally owned business, we have a great reputation in the Tulsa, OK community. Come on down and see why.

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