Over the last two years, we’ve all spent a lot of time at home. From distance learning to virtual events and snow days, we’ve all soaked up more time on our sofas than ever before. If you’re anything like us, you probably have a few new stains on your furniture from those sweet, little, messy hands and feet (or paws)! We consulted our service and warehouse managers and rounded up a few tips for getting those tricky stains out of your beautiful furniture.

The first step in keeping your furniture looking brand new is more so preventative than reactive. If you have small children or pets, we always suggest a performance fabric for areas of your home that get a lot of use. We have so many options available for beautiful upholstery that can endure more wear and tear than more delicate varieties. If you’re currently shopping for rugs, consider wool or cotton blends, as they are much easier to spot-treat.

If you have spots you’re ready to treat, we always recommend Folex cleaner. (And this is unbiased and completely unsponsored!) Folex can be purchased at many hardware stores or online retailers. And trust us — after your first use, you’ll be hooked! To apply, simply spray the affected area, let it set for just a minute, and then blot with a gentle rag. It’s that simple — and the stain will lift before your eyes!

If you have stubborn pet stains that need a more aggressive approach, we suggest a portable spot clean machine. Brands such as Bissell have great options for these devices. Because many carpet cleaning sprays can discolor your rugs — we love this option, as the solution is very strongly diluted — making it primarily very hot water with just a bit of cleaning mixture. With a nozzle, the solution is lightly sprayed onto the affected area and the dirt and grime is simultaneously sucked up with a very strong suction, leaving your rug or carpet only slightly damp. And you’ll actually be able to see all of the grossness that is pulled out of your carpet or rug — which, for some, is very satisfying!

If possible, it’s always best to treat stains sooner rather than later. The longer the stain sits, the deeper and more stubborn it becomes. If you’re able to get to it quickly, your chances of getting it completely out are much greater!

If you have questions about treating your specific Luxe pieces, we are always here to help! Here’s to ending the winter months with our homes (mostly) still intact.

Featured Photo: Blush Chair by Designer Michelle Harrison.

Story Photo: Black and White Chair by Designer Maureen Walters.