What is it that makes a sophisticated home interior design impressive

What is it that makes a sophisticated home interior design impressive

To us, it’s professional research and decisions that promote good choices. Interior design is actually a very elaborate industry now, partly because of easy online ordering and delivery practices, and partly because of modern technology and how it’s applied to manufacturing. In a sense, it’s the array of choices that makes interior design a more demanding field and adds so much value to what we have been doing for years.

Our Team

At Luxe Furniture and Design, we have the experience and acumen to come in and help our clients to renovate their interior spaces ‘to a T.’ Take a look at our team bios to see the kinds of credentials, industry history and overall professionalism that our people are proud of. We like to think of ourselves as the ‘dream team’ for interior design, and that includes a range of services that our customers use to create stunning interior environments in high-end properties. When you talk to us, you’ll see what we’re talking about. There’s a standard that’s relatively hard to reach in this field and our clients often come to us with that knowledge in hand. We help them to truly attain the design results that add the most value to their properties.

The Upholstery World

One thing that we specialize in at Luxe Furniture and Design is high-quality upholstery. When you stop to think about it, upholstered seating is one of the most important elements of keeping an interior space fresh and exciting. By contrast, inferior upholstery designs take a lot of the air out of the room, and can really obstruct the final result that the client’s trying to achieve. Having good-looking, carefully maintained upholstery can make all of the difference in either a public or a private space. That’s also something that’s intuitively easy to see – just think about what you encounter in a restaurant, or in an art gallery, or in a hotel.

Take a look at our upholstery services and designs to see what your space could look like with qualified professional assistance. We’re very proud of our track record and excited about exploring your options with you! Get assistance from a top firm with a great catalog of services, and poke around our site to get better acquainted with what we can do for you.

Beyond upholstery, we also offer a range of luxury furnishings in wood, glass, steel and cast-iron and more. We take a holistic approach to each client project to really make sure that you get your money’s worth out of the design that you choose.

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